why my item presentation template has been rejected ? please tell me about this

You will have to share a demo link for your project,

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Usually has to do with visual quality and design choices, but we’ll need to see your preview image to be able to give any real feedback.

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hi we may help u with generic comments but honestly this is far better with previews so pls post and we will be happy to help u …

hii, how to upload demo project ? i don’t know , please tell me about this , thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

ok, i will edit this post, and i will post with preview image.

hi well u have alignment issues here and there according to what i have seen and otherwise u have contrast problems that breed readability issues with the yellow texts , u need to make sure that texts are not only visible and very readable but also that they opt out as much as possible , as well … the typo looks a bit old and lacking originality, variations and font combinations indeed

oh ok, thanks for your answer, so what i can edit this same file, then i reupload to Graphicriver ?

Usually no. If an item was hard rejected, which it sounds like this was, then you have to make enough significant changes to basically turn it into a new item before you can submit it again.

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sometimes what is difficult is to evaluate what is supposed to be significant enough … but this is another story