why is my item Powerpoint rejected, please give me the solution. thank you

My first item was rejected. Could someone, please, help me, give advice or criticism. What’s wrong please give me the solution. that My item? Could that be too simple?
Thank you very much!

Without a preview of your rejected item no one can help you.


hi we could provide u with general “advice” but they would be of very little help., pls post a preview and we will tell u in detail how we feel about the concerned items :slight_smile:

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hi for me the template looks rather clean and pro. I do not mean that the thing looks perfect from start to end but honestly this looks really clean and harmonious. I believe though that there are some readability issues here and there and some texts maybe not being really valued or really visible but this is concerning only some slides. If i can tell u exactly how i feel , though , i believe that the real issue about this item is more likely that the style is a bit flat and sort of lacking relief , indeed, i was about to say “monotonous” but i believe that this is a bit of an overstatement as all is tasteful and rather harmonious globally. I assume that some of the choices u have made, they are on purpose, but i tend to believe that maybe bringing a bit more graphic design on bullets and other elements would not really hurt in a way. As i mentioned, all is very tasteful. Though, i am trying to imagine the file without the pictures that are not included and so on and i tend to consider that this may be the weak point of the template. It may look flatter and maybe looking like graphic design a bit

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