Why my PowerPoint item got rejected?

long view Please review this item and let me know the reason of rejection.

@HashirAthar it looks a good design but i think it need some improvements

1- colors in preview image need more attention from you
2- try to use another font in preview image (open sans or calibri for example )
3- slides typography need improvements. ( margins, font size and line heights )
4- make your text more simple , i think it is complex in some slides

finally i suggest to watch more accepted projects on market to inspire yourself

good luck

Hello. Sorry to hear your item was rejected, but I will try to help.

I think you should work on your typography, try watching some tutorials about typography on youtube - there are many helpfull. It is good to have simple and clean design, but also try not to make it too simple. The best advice is to find someone who is already successfull and try to study their design and learn from it. Also, it is important to have good presentation of the item you are selling.