Hard Rejection - Resume Template | Reason & Suggestions


I submitted my resume template and it got rejected due to quality standard requirement. I understand that must be an issue, but i am here to ask from the community, What can be reason for rejection and how to improve the design.

Your valuable input will be so helpful.
Note: Image are not included in main file.
Here are the images from my template design.

Thank You.

hi if u ask me there are several things that u may fix, improve or change so that u can manage to take your item to the next level indeed … first of all, the global style, in a general way, though harmonious is also rather “simple” , i guess that introducing some additional originalities and elements would help tp bring more relief to your item indeed. Otherwise, the second major “issue” that i can see is that u have a very dull overlook in the end … colors are quite dull and the lack of contrast is both impacting the general preview as well as the hierarchy of information , since , with this , and with the combination of a slightly flat typo, in the end , major information are not really popping out as expected in the end … i also think that it would be better to have a completely justified block of text rather than paragraphs flagged in both right and left sides … the typo is lacking variations and font combinations , too. Also pay attention to alignment indeed

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