Hard Rejection - Resume Template | Reason & Suggestions


I submitted my resume template and it got rejected due to quality standard requirement. I understand that must be an issue, but i am here to ask from the community, What can be reason for rejection and how to improve the design.

Your valuable input will be so helpful.

Here are the images from my template design.

Thank You.

Hello! Check this https://material.io/guidelines/ You’ll see so much wrong after spending some time on the link. The most obvious things: Black titles on color? Nope, that’s not working. Padding? Uuh, really bad. Typography? Nothing good to say here either, text justify is just wrong anywhere. Header? Totally wrong. Right header section in it is just tu crowded, left is just too useless with so much space. So, this is like 1/10. Thanks!

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Hey dzeriho,

Thank you for your help. I knew it was bad, but it was so bad i guess. I will read that link and learn. :slight_smile: