my first time here and My first rejection. Resume template

Hi all.
It’s my first steps here, but I was rejected :frowning: “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” - that’s what they said. :frowning: please tell me what should I change to meet their quality requirements.

Thank you!

Hi, I think it’s because it’s a too simple and flat. It looks like some premade Resume from word (sorry if it’s a bit direct). If I understood well, you should improve the design by bringing something new and dynamic to it. Maybe also a way to modify it easily.

Did you look at the last submissions ? Maybe that you can compare to it and find elements you didn’t think about before.

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oh I appreciate your direct answer to my direct question :slight_smile: I need and want to know what is a problem, so no worry :slight_smile: I will try to make it more dynamic. thank you!

hi in fact that would be easier to tell u what is ok rather than what is not lol it would be faster lol

here are the problems

1- global lack of graphic design
this is too simple, u need to push the envelope graphic design wise

2- choices of colors
everything is quite dull color wise, u should introduce some contrast and make sure that there is some a bit punchy , too

3- hierarchy
as all is really flat , there is naturally nothing outstanding indeed …

4- typo
this is too flat , u need to introduce originality and font combinations, add variations as well so that u build a real hierarchy of information too

5- text arrangement
the block of text on the left side looks messy as such make it a clean block instead , it will look clearer

:see_no_evil: I’ll delete this file immediately :)) thank you for your reply!

no need lol