Rejected resume - need feedback

Hi guys,

Recently, I uploaded a resume template, it got rejected and now I need some feedback from you to improve it. Can someone help me?

You can find it here:


Can you post an image on here? You just drag the image into a forum post to upload it.

Hey man, thanks for your reply. Sure, here it is. Meanwhile, I made some slight minor changes. Before I had titles and subtitles 13 and 11 font size, now they are 12 and 10. Also, I converted the dates from upper case to lower case and modified the alignment from Justify to Left align.

Hi ionutbratu.
Do not be offended, but … it’s looks lika a death certificate :dizzy_face:

  • It is very gloomy. Black&White color gamma looks too depressed.
  • and a big mistake it’s too small area between the text blocks and the edge of the page. It’s too close to the edges. Very close.
  • I would separate the text blocks (they can be sepparated by any graphic elements)… whole text bloks looks mixed.
    Hope you will improve your item and it will be approved for sales. Good luck! :^)
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Hello romlam,

I will try to make some space between text blocks, eventually add some dividers. About the colours, what do you say about a light gray for the left column?? Thank you for the previous feedback. This is my first resume so I don’t know all the rules of making a good one.

Maybe it will be better if you use some gradient from gray to a little bit lighter gray. Anyway I recommend monitoring what is now in the trend. Just enter “resume” on grphicriver search bar, and be inspired by similar items. Good luck! :^)

And it’s very important to make a tasty presentation. Thaere are many grey resume template on graphicriver with the interesting backgrounds. There are some interesting things on the backgrounds: pencils, binders, vases, cups with coffee. Many resumes shown with the perspective, with the drop shadow, with the table texture, etc

I also had some nice mock-ups. Thanks for the feedback. In deed, it’s not a bad idea to check the trending section. I will make some changes soon and I’ll see hoe it’s going to look.

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