I got a rejection on my items below, any clue why it got rejected ?


I recently posted an item under infographics and I got it rejected and I am not sure why exactly. Could you please tell me what I have done wrong?


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Firstly I don’t think this would be an infographic and more suited to https://graphicriver.net/print-templates/stationery/resumes

That aside, with respect, this is nowhere near the standards for here. Just about every design basic (alignment, typography, spacing, hierarchy, etc.) are all wrong, and you cannot use trademarks (Cisco, etc.) in your templates

It would be useful to examine popular resume templates and the attention to detail in their construction, but without a stronger grasp on design fundamentals, you are going to struggle in a premium marketplace


Hey Charlie

Thank you so much for this feedback, I learned a lot from it. I took each comment/consideration seriously.

I will try to re-do the work done here.

Thanks again for this insightful feedback.

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without learning the basic design principles you won’t be able to create a premium item.


HI as for i know u did not post in the right category and this alone, basically means hard rejection. IN addition, there are a whole lot of things to fix , change, improve and so on to take your game to the next level and have a chance to possibly get the item approved , but, let’s face it and talk the talk , u are quite far from standards at the moment indeed.
1- global style
i see very little harmony and very little graphic design into this item in the end , the bottom line is that i feel like pushing the envelope about it would be welcome to have extra value and an increased interest indeed
2- this is a template…
keep in mind the nature of what u do . this is a template and u need to adjust the content to you needs so that the item looks good and professionally arranged ni matter what pls see next point
3- alignment
only in the header u have a massive flaw about it … pls consider that this is a basic design principle and that messing with this point basically means big time trouble. U cannot have two blocks not bing aligned vertically like this, looking sort of independent from one another , this makes the thin look random and far from professional enough, not to mention that this would break harmony in any event
4- illustrations
sorry to tell u the ugly truth but most of the illustrations do not look impressive enough , starting with the thumbnail in the header …, not to mention that styles from to the other vary gamely and definitely generate more disharmony than any other thing
5- reading process and general organization
well hard to understand what is the logics behind the organization and why elements are here and here … the guideline is pretty unclear and makes the readability quite complicated, even more when the content looks messy globally like this …
6- color combinations
u have a whole lot of different colors, hard to definite what is the guideline and in addition, most of the colors do not match so well so that u can generate harmony , ultimately.
7- lack of breathing
if u want to make sure that things look good visually speaking, u need to give elements and blocks some white space and separate tings enough so that they do not look overly dense and compact like this
8- flagging
hard once again to figure why u have texts flagged in all directions
9- hierarchy of information
there is basically almost nothing being outstanding indeed, just a confused bull of informati0on …in a well arranged document, u have at the very least two main level of information , primary with main titles and important data and secondary with additional / complementary information



My primary insights are:

  • Rework all typography: use one or two discrete font families for all texts (My Name is, John M. Doe, etc)

  • More typography: Standardize distances for all texts, caution with varied font sizes (Use two or three font sizes for all texts in a logical hierarchy of importance), caution with distance between lines (line height)

  • Standardize margins/paddings: most distances (and maybe all) should follow a fixed standard, like 15px (example)

  • Improve icons and their positions aside texts, they don’t look premium and displaced (e.g. the magic wand icons)

  • Less is more yet rules: you don’t need two icons per block (like Education).

  • Bland design: All the document has white background. Consider to use #f5f5f5 (example) or light pastel colors as background for some blocks.

  • I’d replace the Avatar (person) image by a minimalist one, with just outline.

This is a start, hope you keep trying.

Good luck :+1:


Thanks, noted.

Hi n2n44

Thank you so much for this rich and detailed comment, I am learning from you guys and your comments are highly appreciated.


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Hi webdesigntrade

I highly appreciate your feedback and detailed comments. I am learning from you guys, and this is my kickstart journey.

Will redesign the module considering all valuable feedback on this.

Thanks again.

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