My Resume template isn’t at the quality standard Why?

I am new at Envato, I hope somebody here will help me with understanding what I need to change to add my first item (quality standard - reject)?

With respect this is way off for such a competitive category

There’s issues throughout with typography, line height, spacing, layout, alignment and other fundamentals

Copy and paste lorum ipsum looks unfinished

There’s far too much going on across the page in such a small area meaning that no individual section feels practically complete

Many thanks for your answer, I will try to solve all you write

hi well u have a good deal of issues to deal with

1- text density
indeed , in some part the text is really too compact and lacking breathing this impact the readability see point 3

2- global style
if u ask me part of the problem with what u have now is that there is not much graphic design into it and he fact of the matter is that maybe it could have been ok years ago but right now with the kind of saturation of the market that we are confronted it with, well much more originality and graphic elements are required so that u can bring something new to the table

3- readability
as mentioned in point one, u have an issue with and part of the reason in exposed in the very compact aspect of what u have right now but not only, this is lacking breathings inside different lines of any category and so on , until there is a “block effect” and that all seems to be supposedly the same content (what is increased by the lore text by the way)
this issue of readability os also emphasized by the strange organization of information on the canvas and the use of variations in the wrong way sometimes too

4- alignment
i am already not sure that flagging the text in the left or right is so much of a good idea in a general way but this is even worst when there variations between paragraphs and that text are not aligned horizontally on the right hand side

5- lack of contrast
this is was rather nice to think about introducing colors, the thing is that the color combination u have chosen is not contrasting enough so that all the page keeps rather dull in the end …

6- hierarchy of information
do u realize that categories as “pro skill” and so on less visible than sub titles? same goes with contact information and the function, they look not appropriately identified as such …

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Thank you for the time spent on me, I will try to do all of your recommendations

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I integrated all comments (as I think) but at submitting get same rejected(((, please give me few comments what I need to change…