My Clean Resume/CV PSD Template was not Approved. Please help

My Clean Resume/CV PSD Template was not Approved. Please help

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hi buddy how to tell u what u may have failed to do if we cannot see anything about your item ā€¦

Please check this

Hello, my friend, there are many mistakes in your item as follows:
1 - The font type used is not good
2 - Very large spacing exists in some models
3 - If you look at some models you find that the circle of the image is not the size of life, and need to equal and large adjustments
4 - Colors, you must choose the colors that attract the buyer to buy your item, you have to choose the dark colors of some thing
5 - Hierarchy needs adjustments
6 - You need to change the icons, the icons are not good
7 - Try to design something new and trendy, I think Iā€™ve seen such models in the market
8. Do not leave large spaces
9 - Submit one form, not several models, it is possible that one of them was approved but the other forms prompted to reject your item
10 - If you want to take advantage of more, you should look at some models and look at their components, and try to make the best and most beautiful, until you find sales.
I hope this information will be useful

I hope it will be useful

I hope it will be useful:call_me_hand:

With respect all of these designs are lacking all sorts of basic design principals esp. around typography, alignment and spacing.

It would take a long time and be fairly counter productive to try and feedback on each one but just as examples:

Design 1:
main name is not aligned and the beginning of the bio on the right has no top padding

Design 2:
no hierarchy in the opening block of content and the work experience section looks completely stretched

Design 3:
Header content is not aligned and lack of typographic hierarchy throughout the design

Design 4:
Alignment and spacing is all over the place throughout

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