clean resume/cv psd template was not approved

Hello, Sir My This resume templates looking good, the font is clear, color is perfect.
So, Why rejected my items.

You fixed the “too many fonts” issue from before, which is good, but there’s still a few other problems.

The most noticable is that I don’t think the colours are as perfect as you say, especially the green one which is way too neon, and a few of the blue ones are a bit too vibrant as well.

Another problem that I see in a few places is that some things arent aligned properly, such as the position titles in the last version.

Most of them are a bit hard to easily navigate, there’s so much going on in so many places that it looks like one big mess at first glance. Even scrolling down through the images, it’s not immediately apparent where one version ends and the other begins.

In the end, I think these are overall okay resumes for people to use, but in terms of marketability, there just isnt enough that would make people want to spend money on them, and that’s one of the most important things when it comes to this sort of stuff.


hi as for me, i agree with @XioxGraphix about all the things he said. However, i would personally add some things …

1- colors
well indeed, if agree with Xiox as far as what he said about colors especially as regard to the green version - which requires that people put on glasses to read it lol kidding , little joke hahaha - i do not think that other combinations are necessarily working , as i tend to believe that the blue-grey-black combination like this is not working … besides this is taking u to 2)

2- hierarchy
still as regard to the combination that i dealt with 1) indeed, this is bringing a major problem to the table in terms of hierarchy apart from not being necessarily aesthetic in the first place … as all the attention of the cv is put on “skills” but sorry to say just that but , so what? skills are not the central thing of the resume in this case but not only did u give it the most contrasted and punchy environment but in addition u put it in the focus point (the center of the page) which basically means that this part catches all the attention in the end … this is wrong

3- contrast
in one or two of the resumes that u have here (2 and 4), u have a bit of an issue with contrast and making sure that some of the important data is kind of popping out as the color of the text is not differing enough from the background …

4- alignment
hard to understand why in the paul waulson cv the social are cut from the rest and not only is that not aesthetic at all but it also makes no sense at all …

5- disposition
in the john williams and even maybe the paul waulson cv(s), the texts and / or icons in the left hand side are too close from the edge

6- flat icons
icons are really common and lack originality , they look like photoshop presets …

7- weights
in several resumes, u use too much weight and u should make texts go through more variations, what would emphasize the hierarchy , too , by the way … when , at this stage, some part are sort of “choking” , looking sort of a bit compressed and too bold