My Clean Resume/CV PSD Template was not Approved

My Clean Resume/CV PSD Template was not Approved. Please help

hi buddy , oh my! pls learn about colors and complementary colors lol indeed, most of the resumes that u show here are miles away to standards to be honest but even more when it comes to considering used colors … The typo is globally too flat and lacking originality … the spacing looks completely random and some text blocks look srelaly like blocks to say the least … some lines meant to underline are going half way of the text only without we can manage to understand why … icons are globally way too flat. some texts are almost unreadable because of their color, the color of the BG and he fact that they cross some shapes that turn out to be under. The space is globally crammed there is no “breathing” at all … all looks way too compact and the global style is made of too restricted graphic design indeed, u really need to push the envelope and that the resume is not only about sort of a top or side banner and simple lines here and there …

Also, your fonts are all over the place. You’re using multiple different fonts for the same sort of titles and paragraphs. Typically you should use 2 fonts, maybe 3; one for titles and headers, and one for body/paragraphs. For just one of your resumes I count about 5 or 6 fonts, and they’re not even used with consistency.

That, plus wild colours, hierarchy, layout, and alignment all need a lot of improvement. They definitely stand out, but not for the right reasons.