Rejected Music clip

Hi Everybody ! I’ve submitted this track, which got rejected for “not meeting the general commercial quality standard”. I guess that that means a mix / mastering issue… I would love to hear your feedback and opinion ! Thanks a lot for the help, everybody ! :wink:

Just a few thoughs by a first-time-listener of this song (me)

  • Very robotic sound. The guitar sample does not have any round robins, so repeating notes sound particular robotic. The same holds true for the piano and the strings coming in later. It sounds like you typed most of the notes with your mouse into the piano roll and did not randomize start, length or velocity to humanize it. “Overly quantized” is also a relevant description.
  • The mixing is very dry and upfront even though I hear some sings of a bright reverb tail (?). Which is ok for an intimate song like the first half of yours I guess, but when other orchestral instruments join it sounds just like a collection of close-recorded instruments where you seem to have gone for a more lush sound (judging by the arrangement and emotional title).
  • From 1:21 on it sounds like a different song arrangement wise. Is it supposed to be a military march, judging by the snare drum? And where is the motivic idea from the beginning? In the piano? well sounds like the violin is supposed to carry the melody since it overshadows the mezzo-forte piano in the chosen registers and dynamics.

I get what you went for emotionally and that’s good. But the reviewer will likely have turned it off by 0:11 when he heard the exact same sounding e-g-e note progression 4 times.


This song is miles away from today’s music production standards.

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Kanvelo it is just question of putting a lot of work and time in your productions skills and you will see you get to improve and get better quality works. Don’t hesitate to post your productions on the forums and the most important don’t take hard rejection personally. Music Production nowadays it is getting a very perfectionistic world but it is good to take it as a big challenge :slight_smile:

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Dont listen to @Audioland , while he is right, hes also very bitter and hostile for whatever reason. I think he likes to put down other peoples music since his simply isnt cutting it.

Work on getting better at production, invest in quality sample libraries if you want to make a living writing music, or even if youre just a hobbyist, learn them and how to use them. Youre ideas arent bad, youre just painting with cheap stuff so to say. It takes time, and money. I write on a network TV show, but ive also invested over 20k on computers and libraries and have been doing this for years.


Thank you all for your feedback ! There’s definitely some helpful stuff there, I’ll use it to learn and improve. Cheers ! :metal:t2:

Hi friend, thanks for your serious review ! you’ve put some time into this, I really appreciate that.

  • I’ll check more into randomizing and quantizing, thanks. And i’ll try to play with the reverb.
  • I like making music a little … surprising, lets call it. Like putting in some “explosions” and changes.
  • when you talk about e g e note progression, you mean the guitar loop, and it sounding robotic and midi ?

thanks again !

Thanks Man !

I understand what you’re saying. Is that case for all the instruments in your opinion ? or just for some ?

What sound libraries do you recommend ? omnisphere is considered a good one, no ?

Thanks !

I see you are on the right track, as you are willing to learn and ask for critique. Surprise is a good thing in music! But to present a surprise in a well structured way is a complicated manner, since it is a very amiguous thing to do. I’d suggest starting with formally (structurally) simpler music, and listening to such. Educating your ear to the kind of music you like (and beyond), only then you may have the power to control a surprise without it sounding random and unmotivated.

Yes, I though it was e-g-e over a C chord on the guitar, correct me if I’m wrong. But in these first 11 seconds it becomes apparent, that your choice of samples and sequencing was -unfortunally- poor. No matter what great emotions you communicate or your surprise intend, the sample alone was justification enough to reject your prodcution.

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Thanks again, mate ! :wink: