Please help about reject?

Can you guys help me why i always get rejected?

Here is the link that tried to upload:

This submission does not meet Aj’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard.

It sounds okay to me. And i compared with other works and cant get the difference.

Your mix is quite “raw”. The drum beat is a little bit “hard” for customers. I think so.
Your idea and chord progression is good. Just make your track more “expensive sound” brother.
Hope it help.

I think to much problems with production. A little strange set of tools, for upbeat like this music most authors used principally guitars. Some sounds for example violin’s parties is too sharp, they need to make soft. too fast music plays, a bit better will if lower bpm.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try again.

Any other comments?

I think the main problem is cheap sound. You need to use more quality samples and mix it better. Hope it help you! Good luck!

Any suggestion for vst instruments? What do you use? Thanks for comment btw.

I think you can use any modern library, most of them have quality sound. If you use logic, you can use factory library. If other daw, it’s better yo use another libraries (for example there are many different high quality libraries for kontakt player). And also importent moment to check your midi settings. All your themes must be dynamic.