Hello again community AJ authors.And again i need your help!

And again i got a hard reject :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I will listen all critics.Of course if you have a time

Hello, I am a newbe here, but heres my 2 cents:

I really like your playing but somewhere after 0:30 song is becoming inconsistent. My opinion is that you dont need that part, and that you should continue melody with some major chords like in the first part.

Maybe rhythm is a bit too loose. Also, having a single instrument is sometimes a motive for rejection.

Ok I`m try to fix this changes

I like this composition !!! Really cool !!!:smiley:

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Thanks for all your comments man :)))

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Hey, Only one reason - troubles with rhythm, and that’s all. You must to do some quantize for example in Flex(in logic pro x), and I think - a little bit of compression will make sounding better, some -opto compression like CLA-2A or other.

Regards, D-MUSIC Studio!

Thanks a lot for advice. I`ll try to do those changes when i drive to my workstation again.