My last submission is Hard Rejected! Friends, Can I have your opinions please


My latest motivational track is hard rejected! friends, can I get a opinion? Reject Reason =This submission does not meet our general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately. :frowning:


This track has so much potential but I think the sound sources let it down. I would love to have a play on this! :slight_smile:


This is one of the rare cases where the generic answer actually hits the nail on the head: This track clearly lacks in production quality, especially sample quality and mixing should be improved to give it more expression and depth. It is a pity because I agree with gballx, the track is really nice and has much potential.


Yes good track. Don’t normally comment on a track because they’re usually crap whenever anyone asks. But the previous posters are correct. Needs a production thing going on and then you would be in business.

I’m only listening on computer speakers but it sounds like you have everything in the wrong space. Would need to listen properly on that.

Just listening to your other tracks and they sound like they’re in a much better space. More immediate and a lot less fluffy sounding.


I think that main problem is mixing (track sounds like music from 80-s). Try to create more modern mix and I hope it will be accepted. Good luck!


Friends, your ideas and suggestions will help me a lot… I will make the necessary corrections …
Thank you very much to all of you! :slight_smile: gballx- FirstNote- TheWhiteElephant- LuckyBlackCat


I think the idea is strong, I agree with the above about mix issues. It’s close but just not what it could be yet.


I thank you for your valuable comments SmartOwlMusic :slight_smile:


It´s the bass a little bit high¿? Too much presence and take a lot of the atention, or its me.?¿


You are right! :smiley: I absolutely agree with you… I am working on the track :wink: Thank you very much for your comment


Hi @BlueWayMusic I find your piece very interesting I like the arrangement and composition but it surely lacks production quality unfortunately. You should work a bit on that and you will be fine :+1:


Personally I like the track and the mood that gives but I think that 2 things don’t work:
1 - quality of the sound sources: you should try to use more quality and current VST, or record real instruments
2 - as said, mixing of the tracks

Good luck! :thumbsup:


I think that idea of this track is great , you got some mixing problems, but nothing serious. Listen this drums, your cymbals (crash, ride) are to loud in overall sound of drums. Try to pop out kick a bit and try to use sidechain compression with bass guitar. Somehow your mix gets louder at 37 sec , and maybe the end of the track ( 1:31) is to repetitive, try to change something from 1:50 till the end.
Wish you the best !


Thank you very much for your help and suggestions :)) @Atlas_Tune @JetSounds @FankiMankizProductio


A slightly better piano sample and a string sample that’s a little less “wobbly” in the tuning and I think this is in.


Ty very much for your help @curtisschweitzer :slight_smile:


Just stopped by to tell you it’s a great track. Really tasty basslines. How much I’d like some experienced session musicians to record these instrument parts, the track would become top-notch. Well, I hereby volunteer to record the electric guitars for you(acoustics too, but I’ve lent my guitar to a friend for a couple of weeks). It would be a shame not to finish this track properly, so hit me up if you need the assistance. :slight_smile:

Anyone else here willing to help out? :smile:


If you send me the piano midi info I can render a nice wav


@ToneCrate Your ideas are very beautiful… Thank you very much for your offer of help… I’m working on a few new tracks now… I postponed this track for a while… (maybe for 15 days max) after, i’ll try again on this track for necessary corrections… then again, let’s talk about it :slight_smile: Thank you !


only piano midi? I could not understand… Can you tell me more clearly what is your the plan? :slight_smile: Thank you