My track has been rejected.....

Hello!I will be very grateful if you can help me because my song was rejected.I hope that your advice in the future will be very useful for me not to repeat the mistakes.Thank you!!! Link to my song:

The piano chords are a bit too robotic too me, as if all the notes where played at the same time, the piano is playing too “forte” some times, not only loud, but as if the velocity was so high it was played at its loudest layer.

Everything should be a bit more compressed, individually and overall, also the ending is pretty weird and unexpected.

Really liked your ideas for mixing piano and rock guitars into a song!

Wish you luck!

Thank you very much for your comment,this really means a lot to me.I will pay attention to those mistakes in the future,as well as the end, you’re right,it ends up a bit wierd.Thank you once more and best regards Jtc!!!

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Hope you the best!

IMO! in some places, the guitar part is very abruptly transformed into electronic ones, and then into the piano, the guitar reef stands out strongly, you can add a little reverb to the lead guitar reef, make the piano a little softer (with the help of velocity) and debug the transitions between the leading parts. But this is just my opinion! Good luck!

Hello! For the second time I upload a work in AudioJungle, which is rejected because it does not meet the quality standards. There is no mention of what have to be corcted in the quality. I would be very grateful if you help me with advice, even if necessary, I will show
you my file ! You’re doing great music ! Well done !

I understand.I think that’s a lot of noticeable mistakes I’ve made,you are absolutely right.Your advice will really help me a lot,because it’s really hard to get the right advice.Thank you very much!!!Best regards!

Hello!Thank you for getting involved.No one gets an explanation of why his work is rejected,I think everyone gets the same message.That’s probably because a lot of people are submit their work.But I think a few tips on this forum can be very useful.Of course I would like to hear your music and if I can give you any advice I will be very glad.All the best!!!

Hi , again ! This is my file’s link ! I would be glad you to help me ! What isnt ok in my instruments , or quality ? Thank you in advance !

Cello, violin, choir and other instruments sound robotic and need more expressions i think. If you use virtual instruments make sure you humanize them by editing the velocity, tune, vibration etc. Also for the mix, you can use subtle reverb, compression etc until they sound realistic enough.
Wish u the best.

Thank you ! I ll try, but I dont have the PC programs, that help me to edit my instruments and track ! Do you know some programs with real instruments ? I will play with keyboard and will use this real instruments in the program ! Thank you, again !