Track has been rejected. Opinions?

Hello, guys!
This track has been rejected. What’s wrong with it?

They say “Quality issue”, but what exactly?


I think you got some interesting ideas there, but your overall composition miss a bit some efficiency, for example the intro I a bit too long etc, you have to think with an overall commercial production purpose. Also some sound are not sounding enough modern for the market, and I would like to add that some of the note you choose, miss a bit some accuracy, not n a bad way, but it miss some catchy melodies or stick in the head melodies !

Don’t take it personally, I’m trying to help you to understand, obviously this is just my opinion but you can dig theses ideas and see how it goes.
I suggest you to listen some of more top sellers track in this genre, or any approved track in this genre and try to follow the structure first, the sounding etc ! The idea is not to copy but just to get inspired and see how an approved track should be organize.
Good luck ! This is a long process and I had face lot of rejection too (really really lot of rejection) so you are not alone :slight_smile:


Some good ideas, but one of the first things that leaps out is that the guitar sound doesn’t sound natural enough, and sounds harsh, but also, it seems difficult to home in on an identifiable, cohesive melody. Reviewers will often home in on fake sounding sample/libraries, as they tend to give an overall impression of lower quality.