Reject quality valuate

Hi all,
I compose a new happy uplifting track, but it was rejected for quality.
Could you give me some feedback to achive the right quality?

Thanks all.

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you have an extraneous noise in the track

Thank for your review.
Could be to much reverberations on the piano?

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no, it’s not the piano it feels like the track is recorded on a voice recorder, such noise as when recording

Hi. Noise is the least important reason of rejection.The track production is uninspired and immature. Not in a good way. Unless you uploaded it into kids music category.The production is messy . Normally, i might suggest one thing or two in order to improve the quality of the track, but i really believe it will be pretty much futile. The track lacks the production standards for Audio Jungle repertoire. I hope you do not take the critics personally. Best of luck.

I appreciate any criticism that allows me to improve the production of my music.
I would like to understand what do you mean with “The production is messy”.

Thanks for your suggestions.

  • There are some instruments out of tempo sometimes, snare, piano,…
  • You need to work more in the mix.
  • Almost everything is in the front.
  • You need to work more in the mastering.
  • Some libraries seems out of dated.

I hope this can help.

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@Manriquedelara explained it better than i did. Going out of tempo is not a bad thing.But needs to be deliberate and well executed in order to achieve a groove, to help the movement of the track.Otherwise it will sound allover the place.Messy.

I check the tempo to improve the groove, and I remix for a better ballance in the space of the instruments and their sound.

@Manriquedelara when you say work on mastering you are referring to gloval eq of the track ?

About the library, the only out of date could be the M1 synth which I used to create the vibe sound.

Thank all for your suggestions.