Rejected - advice please

I’ve just had rejections for my track I’ve uploaded to AudioJungle. I know this music is far from commercial quality. I would like to know your opinion why this tracks was rejected. Give me please your opinion about the weakness and advices on how to improve the track

hi, then I noticed that in your song there are several “clips” for example at 0:29 1:30. This could already be grounds for rejection. This could be due to the lack of a fadein and fadeout on the tracks. as for the mix, I’ve heard worse on jungle audio. The structure in my opinion is strange. Then there are few things that come in, and I would also remove the very last part which could have been a reason for rejection. The bells at minute 2:09 sound bad and have nothing to do with the whole song in my opinion. You could have finished the song directly at 2:00. For the structure I suggest you download some preview from jungle audio and see how it is made!

I hope I was helpful!

maybe you could add some shakers or a tambourine

big thank you for your feedback…