My track has been rejected!!!

I recently joined Audio jungle and so far they have rejected all my tracks. I even remixed them and they have been rejected again. Any advice would be appreciated. Here are two of the rejected tracks.
Thanks in advance.

1 track:
-The guitar samples are not of the best quality + they are sliced not quite right
-Instruments don’t always get into the rhythm of the track
-Synthesizers sound bad
-In the track there are a lot of different instruments (electric piano, synths, electro guitar) - all this creates a kind of confusion
-a lot of low frequencies in the mix
2 track:
in my opinion sounds better than 1 track. There is not enough “punch” to the drums, the main melody requires revision (the melody itself and the sound of the synth)

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I agree with everything.

well, first of all I totally I agree with @anon65936426… :slight_smile:
I also would like to help a little bit… but it’s just my opinion.

  • in 0:31 you leave the song with a weird silence… I probably would put in this place some reversed sound… electric piano?
  • the synths from 0:48 sounds a little bit strange… maybe for a personal song this can be interesting, but I think that doesn’t fit to commercial purposes, at least most of them.
  • agree with low frequencies… drums and bass are very low.
  • I would change the lead instrument… decrease the gain and choose some other timbre.
  • I found that the track ends abruptly… find some alternatives to build a logical end, reversed cymbal? final plash!.. don’t know… but this end sounds abrupt…
  • you have good points: I think the guitar riffs is a good idea… you can enhance this (my opinion) giving to the piece a more stable (standard but variable) and nice rhythm from some more discreet drums.

Good luck with future approvals! you can do it! :smiley:

Thank you very much for your opinions and suggestions.
I’ll definitely consider making some of them.
I’ll let you know how it went :smiley:

It’s a great track and idea but it just needs to be reworked.Yes i agree with the comments. Maybe switch the instrumentation. Try maybe ukulele which is quite popular now and present the sound with more clarity. I think your ideas is good though.