Hard Rejection of my track. Any comments-ideas please!?

Hi everyone. This is my first submission on Audiojungle : https://soundcloud.com/user-578591437/crowded-universe . Sadly t was rejected. I keep wondering whether it is the musical content, the sounds, the structure, the instrumentation and orchestration or the overall quality of the production and mastering that are responsible for the rejection of my work. I would be more than grateful if you could share with me your ideas and comments regarding my music, as for one thing I am trying to figure out under which quality standards does the stock library market operates and then try to improve my skills in order to, kind of try to fit in and be a part of it. Thank you in advance people!!

Hi, a good idea! I noticed only not very good sound of the cymbals, as well as pay attention to the eq high freq(5>8khz), they are too shoot for the ears. Also, in my opinion, too long an intro, and all track - 5 minutes, few will use in video. View the average length of tracks on Jungle.
And maybe case in the category which you chose for this track, I see it in Fashion or Abstract.

Do not be offended, the track is really good, but needs to be refined

They say a track can be 10 minutes long, so l hope they don’t actually hate 10-minute tracks :stuck_out_tongue:

Disturbing fact: I see no problem with the track, as a background theme but l’m not an audiophile, so l have no idea about the EQing that you pointed out. I hope it’s not something that’d cause a rejection otherwise l personally may as well give up before i’ve even begun as l’m not really noticing anything negative about the track posted.

tbh i really wanted to hear this composition but that crash sound is really hurting my ears. you need to cut down some high freq. the mix is muddy. everything is colliding with each other.

in short, compositing is great but the mix and eq are the problems.

Very bad mix.

It’s a cool track, the mix as mentioned is really sizzly and hard on the ears. Also I think the general form is too long and “artsy” for the jungle. They say up to 10 minutes but the majority of tracks here short and sweet.

I would rework this down to about 2-2:30 and redo the mix and you’d probably have a lot better luck!