Reject Again?

What do you think :

its a nice song overall, mixing could be a bit better. you have reverb on the AJ vocal. I heard it at the end. That ending AJ vocal with reverb is itself a reason to reject(but soft reject)
Need to pay attention to realism of orchestral midi.

yeaa need a bit better balance i think

Maybe too much going on? Seems a bit crowded, like you put 4 or 5 tracks into one and overdid it a bit.

One thing I don’t like is the piano that starts at 0:16, sounds way too cheap and “toyish” compared to all the other sounds, definitely need a better piano sound.

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thanks all

It is nice track, but like RockItPro said some instruments sound a little bit “toysh” (piano and string). Personally, I would not think this is the reason of reject at all, becase here is lots of tracks with much more worse sounding (like mine :smile:)

Good luck for next uploading!

Thanks. Can you be more specific about strings because there is tons of strings,which part do you mean, they are not all toy like?

Why would the reverb on the watermark be a problem though? It’s still functional and having a bit of reverb on the masterbus is not abnormal in a genre like this.
That being said, the watermark at the end should probably be deleted anyway :smile:

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Oh It is going down don’t worry :slight_smile:

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No man ! its really nice ! better than many tracks i’ve listened here ! cant tell why’s rejected !

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There’s a bit of click-clack noise from the pizzicato strings (I know, most libraries have this kind of noise). Personally I always find myself having to go in and adjust individual velocities, and sometimes even cut multiple takes together to get rid of this sort of thing, because I think it’s something reviewers would be critical of. That being said, I think this track would work a lot better as a shorter track, (or maybe even 2 shorter tracks) because, although I like a lot of the parts individually, I’m not sure they flow well enough together. For example 0:00-0:46 sounds like a completely different track from 2:50-3:26. There’s some good stuff happening at at 0:48-1:58, but then the lead-in back to pizzicato strings feels out of place, doesn’t feel right. Tighten up the track a bit, should sound pretty gold.

" having a bit of reverb on the masterbus is not abnormal in a genre like this. "

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: hehe

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I can tell you why it was rejected.
First of all, it’s compressed too heavily. You should reduce it.
Also you need to add some dynamic EQ to add realism in your track.
I recommend you to add some reverb on strings because it sounds too dry for AJ.
And mor pan as well,
From 1:25 your string Staccato is too low. You can fix it by adding EQ.

I had this type of reject many times before my track was accepted.

Good luck!

For me, if only to talk about mix and mastering i hear a lot of low frequency (cut off frequency from 0 to 40), you have a lot of hum (especially in part of drums) , but in general I think the track is good.

Thank you all for your suggestions

hi, i ma not an expert in music to say the least but this track is nice in my view, i like the variety in the rhythm in particular :wink:

The track has potential. Strings and piano need reverb. The brass sounds a bit synthetic, like played from a keyboard. Listen to real brass and learn how to use legato. The chord pattern is a bit repetitive, maybe think about inserting an alternating section.

Thanks all, I didn’t expect so much comments and advice

You mean a sudden shift? No thanks, I got my fingers burnt so many times here to know better :slight_smile:

I mean like after doing vii - iii - IV - I/V for 1:40 you can use other chords in or before the breakdown, maybe just one or two chords will do, just to break off the pattern, create variation and suspense. Also before 2:50 you could figure out something new to keep the listener interested.