Rejected Again But Why? Cinematic

Hi folks,
I wanted to ask you if you can give me some feedback to this track. I really dont know why it has been rejected but i want to improve it! Thanks for your help

Hi there,

Wow, great job! There’s kind of an interesting relationship between the piano and that bass drum/boom in the beginning, it seems like the latter is a bit buried/muffled rather than being featured. Also the Trumpet arpeggios are a bit artificial, they could stand to be thinned out a little bit and take advantage of some reverb/delay to add that motion back in.

Still, fantastic job, really. Kinda surprised this one got a hard reject!

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Thank you really much for your feedback. I will try to add your tips. Iam also very glad that you like it :slight_smile:

Kind regards

You’re very welcome! It’s really not that far off, but like I said, that bass drum should make a statement on par with the piano, as kind of an equal counterpart, if you get my drift.

If you get a sec, can you check out my thread and tell me what you think? Thanks!

Your mix sounds tiny, messy and harsh (a bit telephone like). It lacks sub bass, bass and treble. In other words, you have everything peaking in the same place around 1000-3000 hz except drums. Your strings should have more presence/definition (5000-16000 hz). The piano could have its place around 600-1600 hz. The choir could have its place just above. Keep the place between 300-500 hz for your french horns. If you have double basses in there, they need to have a lot more gain around maybe 60-130 hz and be place in the low octave because you need warm in your mix. Hi shelf cut them until they really take their audible place in the bass (it’s better to get rid of what you don’t need than boost). It would let more place for the other instruments in the mid and treble too. Your drums could have more gain in the very low frequencies (30-60) for power. In short, you need to give a place in the spectrum to each instrument/group where they will peak more than the others to get a clean and huge sound using all the spectrum. Don’t overdue it either.

Your drums don’t blend well with the rest because they are too dry. Too, the fact that they sound way larger (frequency response) than the other instruments make them apart (which sound narrow and harsh). Keep their frequency response like it is, add more reverb on them and make other instruments sounds larger (more definition and low end) while giving them each a place in the spectrum to peak more than the other.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Of course that helps. Many thanks. I will fix the eq and add some more reverb. This is a great guideline to follow :slight_smile: