Refund because he's account hacked?

Someone bought and requested a refund as his account was hacked. Same tone of message as this post Refund - Account hacked?. It is unlikely that it seemed legit. This could be their way to post the downloaded item at the author’s expense.

I will not approve the refund request unless proven and supported, or Envato intervenes of the right process. It is saddened to have such experience, to be hacked, but it is much of a despair if deceitful actions are tolerated.

My account was hacked and I had NEVER given out my password.
If you have access to your logs which you would then you’ll know that I’m currently in Japan; I’ve just deleted my credit card and changed my password.

Someone logged in and paid for items that wasn’t me.

Please help me to get my refund for these items (I will submit separately)

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