I purchased a PHP Script that didn’t work. The script I can no longer find for download in either of my accounts. I also could not find a method to request a refund. I had to visit another site to link back into this market place for a refund? I have contacted my credit card company who have sent me a chargeback form, which was lost the first time, so to stop all the bother, can I either have a program that works that doesn’t infringe a copyright law or my money back!

Thanks, someone that has spent hundreds of pounds here and may never again!

Hi @linkspider,

Refund requests can be opened at

If you do not see the item listed there in any of your accounts, you will need to open a Help ticket at this link and they’ll help you out:

Please avoid raising a dispute or chargeback at your bank as this will automatically lock your accounts along with all of your downloads for security reasons. If the item is broken, you will be refunded - just follow the links above.



Thank you very much for the feedback, not meaning to be a miserable old grunter, however the site is so large it’s quite difficult to navigate.


Understanding the difference between a programmer and a developer is an important aspect to the creation cycle of a website. Both parties have to work alongside each other to reach a common goal. However, it is normally the programmer that spends his spare time or all of his time creating a program or elements their of. It is the developer, whom may also have some programming skills, that takes that program and develops it into a commerical property or viable business venture and funds the programmer. Niether can work without the other. If you have constantly questioned and asked for support from the programmer, this ideally should be reckonised by forms of payment, either by division of earnings from his creation, or by form of wages. The idea of wealth from the internet is by proportional division to all concerned. Not just for one individual. There also needs to be respect amongst all concerned.