Account Disable


i ask for refund because the php script i buy its not working as descripted so why they disable my account .


I doubt that your account would be disabled for requesting a refund.

Send support an email and they will get it sorted


Thank you i will do


Did you ask for a refund via support, or did you do a charge-back through your credit card company or Paypal? The latter would get your account suspended. The former shouldn’t, but I agree… contact support and see what’s happening.


maybe you’ve tried to logged in via stranger’s computer? just ask Envato support to solve it :smiley:


No i log only from my Computer


No i ask for refund with paypal because the script is not working as descripted and many errors and for that they suspended my account we pay money to buy a script and in Total its not working.I contact support and the answer was we will get back to you in 5 days , 5 Days to review my problem and Refund me? what can i say .


Ok, well the process is to get in touch with the author to resolve the issue. If the script didn’t work at all, then it wouldn’t have been accepted for sale on the site. On the other hand, it’s virtually impossible to ensure that every script works on every operating system in every configuration/circumstance… so there will always be rare occasions when something doesn’t work or work as well as it should for some reason or another. In those instances, you should work with the author to get it resolved.

The Envato policy is that you can get a refund if you’ve never downloaded the item, the item has been removed from the site within a certain period of time from buying it, or it doesn’t work/isn’t as described. Envato need to ascertain whether it doesn’t work/isn’t as described, so you’ve gone against the process and issued yourself a refund by doing it through Paypal.

Now you have your money back and you still have the item. That’s how it should be if the item doesn’t work as the item has no value to you, but they can’t just take everyone’s word for it. Otherwise everyone would just buy whatever they want and get the money back. As a result, it’s only fair that they suspend your account… for now. I’m sure if they deem the item to be lacking, then they will (or might) lift the suspension.

That’s the way I see it anyway. To summarise: if somebody sells you a loaf of bread, you get home and it’s all mouldy then you should get your money back. But you shouldn’t swipe the money out of the till when the cashier isn’t looking, even if there’s a massive queue at the refunds desk. I mean, you could do that, and as the money ‘should’ rightfully be yours, then it’s unlikely you’d get sent to prison under the circumstances… but it’s unlikely you’d be welcome in the shop again.


You know something this all are excuses ,because from my side when a client pays for a web site and has a problem i try to give a answer very fast and support him and fix the problem, in other hand if something goes very bad i refund the money the same day to the client.



Did you request refund trough PayPal directly or Envato support?


I have contact with Envato support


Well your example might be exactly the same as how Envato handle it, just in your example you get back to the client the same day. You still warrant if the client has a point and issue the refund accordingly. Would you be happy for the client to do a chargeback through Paypal if they are clicking on a PDF draft of the site and the buttons aren’t working? If they’re not connected to the internet? If today is a Tuesday and they don;t like Tuesdays?


I have contact the author give him login details to fix the error but he ignore my messages, and his write on description 6 months support i buy the script on 24 /10/2015