Product Presentation rejected ? someone can help me?

good morning, I can’t understand this rejection, is it a question of quality or what else? to me it seemed in line with the market of envato. Maybe the title ? maybe the categories? maybe because you could put more versions? i’don’t know

H1 @alexcristoforetti100!
IMHO, for a track this short the intro is too long (or the drop is too short).
Mixing could be better:
If you wanted to make Melodic Dubstep you should make it more powerful.
If you wanted to make Future House you could use softer drums, add foley and more drop synth modulation (using LFO and automation).


Hey there,

I also think that this is way too short to be a full piece and it has a way too long intro to be just some kind of “audio logo” or “ident”. So basically I can second what SineBricks already wrote. Good luck next time! :slight_smile:

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thanks youu

this finishes too early, where you don’t think it will end, is very short to be accepted and ufinished