Ok i dont get it !That bad really?


Too FAR off the standards??

Is this a mistake??!! also this track was for Sports Contest...!

Give me so kind of feedback!


Far from bad, rest assured! But at around 30 seconds, maybe the intro is a bit long before the full arrangement kick in?


Hmm. As for me, I would make some changes in arrangement, but mix for my taste is pretty good.
I think, “too far off the standards” is obviously too much tho…


yeah i thought it might be that ! thats why i have a second version ! editors can be “edit” and of course thats why its called Intro ! Not mix problems ! or anything else i think !
Now i am a little bit offended actually ! dont get me wrong ! :slight_smile:


its a short kick In ! and not a track ! thats why it’s not extended to a full track !


Nice track. On first listen the rhythm was a bit confusing in the intro so that might be a reason. I know you have the pulse there but for some reason the intro still didn’t click for me right away. Overall sounds good though, I could definitely see people buying this track.


dont know what to say about this ! Should i start making “template songs”?? and upload 30 tracks per month just in case? this too far from the standards made me really mad !


i had rejections in the past ! so i choose carefully what to upload !


I didn’t listen to the second version when I typed my comment (will do before commenting in the future). But now that I’ve done, I agree that the long intro can’t be a reason for rejection, since a shorter one was there too. I think it’s a good track and feel it could have sold just fine. Can’t see anything else wrong with it.


I never doubt your productions mate. This track is well made as usual, the intro is great, but when it comes to the dubstep drop suddenly it became weaker (in my opinion). No crash or hits in the first kick drops, so it sounds dull. I always love to hear your tracks mate, I believe you can do better than this one :wink:


yeah i included in description Dubstep/Chillstep :stuck_out_tongue:
but i dont think every dubstep track on AJ can compare to Skrillex/knife party…So why dont they reject everything?


I feel your pain, I think you have a case here. I would kindly ask them for an explanation. I know there was another dubstep track a month or 2 ago posted on the forums that sounded like it should have been approved so maybe they have really specific guidelines for dubstep tracks?


dont know really ! i thought this all thing was objective! and i cant wait for this ticket ! i will upload on other stock markets ! I was pissed off and i just wanted to tell this ! :slight_smile:


I see that everybody try to find a “why” in this excellent and interesting sound track…“maybe the intro is too long”…"maybe there isn’t strong impact "… you have to try really hard to find something wrong here…

Actually in my opinion …maybe the reviewer reject this by mistake…or…maybe it’s far off his…taste…
hope to see it in your portfolio you know that i love your music.

Try to ask help from the envato stuff


Thanx brother


main hi hats in 6/8 and main synth arp in 4/4? dangerous my friend… :wink:


Someone had to do the dirty work bro :stuck_out_tongue:


The intro is definitely too long for many production music situations. A company can always edit a track to make it longer or shorter, cut loops, etc. But in terms of buying / listening, many customers are going to listen no more than a few seconds before they move on if they don’t immediately like something. Some might fast forward to a mid section of the track, but I suspect they want “instant satisfaction”. They have a ton of music as options, so they don’t have to scrutinize an entire track. They can move fast until something hits them right away. A long intro hurts your chances.

Keeping that in mind, you could always create more than one mix. The main mix can keep an intro very short so you can get to the point quickly. Your secondary mix or alternate mixes, can have a long intro, and anything else you think someone might want. But, the main track needs to get to the point.

As for the song, Envato is getting much more picky now because market saturation is way over the limit and has been for quite some time now. They’re actually arriving late to the game on quality control. Some of the higher priced micro-stock sites that license music no longer have open submission procedures and now require an audition just to be able to submit. I suspect that’s going to happen here probably within a year or so.


Track is not too bad:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i would give 8/10


for real… this track is perfect for audiojungle market ! i can name tons of videos using that kinda style (not exactly dubstep) people are awesome- slow motion skate videos - drone presentations - travel etc etc !
This track was not for rejection ! i have in the preview a second version that kicks in immediately !