Really? This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production


Ares these people actually listen?


It’s a nice track. I think you obviously know what you’re doing, and honestly I think hard rejecting this is silly. A couple of notes that might make it more AJ-reviewer-friendly:

The kick drum hits are a bit dominant throughout, and given that they repeat that 4 pattern, it gets a little tiresome on the ear.

The detuning on the opening pad is a bit aggressive. Maybe an overwhelmed reviewer just hard rejected based on that? Its a little off putting at the start.

Other than the above, the mix is nice and the samples and synths seems really nicely balanced throughout. I think a reviewer made a mistake hard rejecting this one. (I’d rather they, say, rejected anything with uke and clapping for a month).

Sorry about the reject, its a great piece in my opinion.


I think the rejection is mainly due to the repetitiveness over track length ratio. The track is too long compared to how much is going on.

Nothing wrong with production. I bet it would be accepted if you kept it around 2~3 minutes.


I think PurpleFog is right. The problem might be the length. Personally, I think it sounds cool, hopefully you have better luck next time.


I can hardly imagine who will purchase such music. It is not bad by the way, it is just not for royalty free market.


I agree with LumenMedia. Not bad track, but it is not actual for AudioJungle… Try to listen top-sellers to understand AJ trends… Good luck!


I think it can do well under several kinds of video. Only the track is too long and maybe cut the intro.


The track is long and sounds like the main synth chords needs some EQ on it to free up the other instruments. The kick sounds great! I would maybe ditch the intro too, just start with the kick. There are also lots of transitions which is good for video producers. You can barley hear the watermark as well, I didn’t hear it until like 3 mins in. You can make serious changes to your track and re-upload, or just keep writing and make another, its tough to move on, but writing new tracks is the only way to get over the hurt! Good luck!


This would work well with fashion runway videos. It’s a bed isn’t it.

Obviously not ‘cookie cutter’ enough, chord progression too inventive?

I despair


Why bother to have different categories then such as ‘Ambient’. Really, have we now been reduced to this!!! That’s a ridiculous comment. Sorry


The general harmonic concept is a bit too weird for royalty free market imho. The way the bassline moves in relation to the pad chords and melodies feels a bit too unorthodox for normal productions. It’s at the same time sort of progressive but simple and it’s not very workable combination for this kind of market. It just sounds sort of “wrong” when you are looking for that unobtrusive background track.


Lovely progressive trance track!!
It’s really nice for EDM lovers like me :wink:
Maybe it’s just not normal track for royalty free music market, good luck next time!


I think that this track is cool. Really like your kick and your synths, maybe it’s can be a little bit shorter!
I don’t think that every track should be ukulele, whistle, bells, happy life, catchy, even though tracks like that are always a best sellers!

Wish you the best !


My guess is that it’s too repetitive, the melody didn’t really change at all for 4 minutes.