Hi can anyone tell me whats wrong with this track please ?

I’ve had another copy paste rejection with no explanation.


To be honest, there need a lot of words to explain whats problem exactly :slight_smile:
But shortly - production skills is very low here. The idea doesn’t work for commercial use, also as a dnb music - it sounds weak. Drums, instruments, melody, arrangement all of them should be improved for 100%.
Just keep going, spend more time with production, use references, learn some tips and all will be fine in future.
Good luck.

hi thanks for listening i appreciate it and will take on board your feedback, i hope i’m not miles off because its very disheartening hearing everything about the track is wrong after being happy with it, this is my 3rd rejection this week got two more in the queue so wish me luck, thanks again

Hey! Nice track.

Dub is a kinda mantric genre so I wouldn’t say repetition is the problem. The main issues IMO:

  1. Is there even a bass??? I can’t hear it either in my monitors, nor in my Beyerdynamics headphones. This style screams for a fat, round, bass and sub bass so I would definitely bring it to the front (if there’s any bass at all right now). That would fill the enormous gap the track has below 150Hz.

  2. About the Jungle/DnB double tempo… mmm, I don’t know. It’s kinda 2000-ish maybe. I think going for a more classic dub beat would work better.

Just my two cents. Cheers!

hi thanks so much for listening, i dunno it might just be me congo natty, benny page, shy fx etc are bigger than ever in the uk and i go to alot of festivals with my band so i guess i thought i could sneak a jungle one in here haha, its worrying you cant hear the bass cos theres definately one in there haha i made it with serum its probably poor production ive learned alot today and will definately try to improve.

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