Can somebody explain why my track was rejected, please?

Hi! I want to make music better, but I really don’t understand what’s wrong with this track. If somebody can tell me about it, it would be great. Long intro is for background use, and the drop is for cool travel pictures or videos. Thank you!

Hey there!

A few super quick notes:

  1. Intro is waaaaay too long. When I listened to it I thought, ok, this is going to be some kind of ambient, dronish track and out from nowhere around 1:30 the shuffled beat kicks in and turns it into a whole different thing. I understand what you state in the post about the length, but for a standard, average footage, it just might not fit. I’d make the intro much shorter or even make 2 different tracks out of those parts.

  2. The sound of the kick drum is not my cup of tea. I’d go for something more modern.

  3. Perhaps you pushed that side-chain compressor a little way too hard. Maybe set the ratio just a tad below.

Anyway, just my opinion. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I’ll take your advice next time, thank you for that! About the kick and compression - I tried to do something like Flume with the beat not hitting the grid, hard compression and aggressive kick. Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Kravil , I agree to @WormwoodMusic , the intro is way too long, also for the sound of the kickdrum. The kick sounds brutal and all is over-sidechained. The HiHats are too loud they’re too present like a main instrument.
Don’t worry, next time will be better.

Good luck and keep making music.