Feedback please on rejected technology dubsteps!

I will appreciate any feedback from you guys!

IDK, maybe the chords are too complex and so the harmony is a bit blurry? (I’d say it’s more future bass than dubstep by the way, but I’m not sure). I mean there are a lot of added tones in the chords, and those sound sometimes not very smooth harmonized with each other. In the first track it’s second chord wich is something like Cmaj9 (I guess), and it sounds a bit out of place in context. It’s a matter of taste, I think. If I was a reviewer I’d aproove both of this tracks. Maybe that’s why I’m not a reviewer :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback, Theo!

I’m not an expert on this kind of music, but just as a listener, I would say that the volume pumping in both these tunes is way too pronounced and it quickly becomes annoying.

so which song was submitted after all, of these two?
in any case, 2nd surely sounds better, maybe its a technical thing you are doing wrong here? like using the same title for both and submitting both songs in the same time?

surely in the 2nd one the kick needs more lows, its not punchy.
you could spread some sounds in the panning spectrum too.

good luck

Thank you Pandocrator.

I submitted both of these tracks with the different titles and with interval of a couple of days. The reason of rejecting was about commercial quality standard.

By “commercial quality” they mean not only production quality, but also “licensibility”, or commercial potential on this particular market. By no means it says the track is badly produced or anything like this. Just keep things simple, don’t treat your tracks like those a supposed to be published on an album for personal listening, it’s just different purpose.

I think this is a well-made track overall, maybe the transition to 0:40 -0:42 is a bit harsh and impactful for that easy flow the track has, meaning that the lead that drops is too busy and loud, and it loses the calm feeling, if you could do that lead melody a bit atmospheric rather than lead would be amazing. Also, 2:22 is not well-made transition, it’s too empty and not good (a lead delay repeating)

Good luck

Many thanks guys! This is the most usefull feedback for a long time!