Rejected item - feedback would be nice

Hallo everyone

My rejection rate is high, I suppose. And I’m uncertain weather it is a technical problem or a “composing” problem. I would be very glad, if you would give me some feedback on this track:

Ambient Sunrise Chill

Thanks a lot - regards Peter

Hi Peter! In my opinion, your track is not quite worked out in terms of arrangement and mixing, and also some synthesizers sound outdated. I think that this is a good job, but not completed!
Good luck!

Thanks for taking the time. I will try to focus on the mix and arrangement. I would appreciate if you - or others - have concrete suggestions on what needs to be improved in the mix.

Nice track! To me the problem is the bass, which sounds too wide, is a little loud and should dock more when the kick is hitting in order to let it come through. It would sound very good on its own but in the mix, it distracts the listener and make everything less clear.

I’d crank it down a few db, make it more mono and do some sidechain compression with the kick.


Thanks a lot, I will keep that in mind the next time :slight_smile: