hard reject - Dubstep - Need help

I have no idea, whats wrong with this track.
need advice :thinking:

Oh wow, this is great! Really enjoyable to listen to, and very professional sounding.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any insight on why it might have been rejected. I’m not the best at understanding AudioJungle’s review process haha
To me it sounds fine.

Hope you can get some more insightful feedback from someone else.
But great work!

Nice vibe you having going there. I’d say make the build more intense. Build it up and up and then drop your main theme in! Right now you don’t really have a clear build and drop. Your chords are a little confusing but thats just me, others might dig.

Over all I like it! Good luck :slight_smile:

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this is weird, this song is great. I think some technical detail is the issue here. I think I can hear in the next song in preview, a delay from the first one. the separating of tracks should be clear. Also send a screen shot of your files , I am not sure, check for technical details. This track SHOULD be accepted if everything is OK. if it does then resubmit or contact Envato.

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The track is great in my opinion but the growls put me off, somehow it affects the song’s melodicity. It’s a matter of personal taste. I believe that if you take out these elements and work more on build ups and drops like it was suggested above, you may have a winner! Good luck!

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aha! , I hope you don’t include the PREVIEW Mp3 in the zip file too right?
Also, what ever the name of the track is you name it like this, lets say its called “Youth Dubstep”
Then you name the files as
Youth Dubstep - (What ever variation + Length of Song) ex. Youth Dubstep - Short 2min
Youth Dubstep - Long 3min

Also, make sure you are seeing hidden files in order not to include any .DS store files.

And also put the mp3 file into an MP3 folder , so 2 main tracks and one mp3 folder.

other than that, send a screenshot from your uploading process so I can see everything if its right

This track is really good in terms of production/mixing. Sounds professional.

I don’t know if this was the reason of rejection but the problem here IMO is that the three drops feel like a copy paste. They sound the same. In production music it’s better to avoid such things. Typically you want the last chorus/drop to be the most dense and energetic. Have have something different so it doesn’t feel like a copy paste. Maybe another percussion layer, a new melody, an arpeggiator in the background, maybe change the chord progression. Endless possibilities here.

Also, I would make the ending more definite. I mean a clean root note with a long tail.

Hope this helps.

ok, first of all wanna appreciate everyone for help!
I’m maked some changes what all yout mentioned here, and track approved

here is, if someone interested to compare