Need feedback about my rejected track!
I would love to here from you about this rejected item, I´m pretty new here so I just want to here your opinions on quality and what can be better.

It’s very repetitive, I get that’s common for dance music but often music for media follows a certain structure. AJ doesn’t like “loop-based” music as they are wary of people just using premade loops from sample packs.

For AJ I would have changed the structure and added some pads and harmony and include a version without the vocals. It could just be a taste thing though too.

Thanks alot for your answer!
I totally understand your points and I’m gonna think about that in The future.

when you mean in the future in what year?

Welcome !

Interesting track and a rare case of rejection. But while I was typing this I heard that weird pitched vocal at 1:54, which I think is the reason the reviewer rejected it.

Also I think the bass-synth line , could use some stops at 8th measures etc.

Remove the vocal and resubmit = approved! :slight_smile:

be careful of that bass-sytnh chord line, its a tiny bit loud and a tiny bit too much low end

Thanks for your feedback pandocrator! More music is coming and I’m gonna upload more frequently😊 Oh I get your point about the vocal and great feedback about the synth!