Post Card rejected. Why?


Can you give me a Feedback?

I am not familiar with the considerations review team might have over such cards, but it does look slick and well stylized to me, Arkadio. Hope it does great elsewhere.

Thanks Soundlufs,
sometimes I do not understand this whole “GraphicRiver quality standard”

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Was it soft or hard rejection? If it’s soft, then they would give some feedback. If it was hard, then maybe check if there’s no similar items out there. Otherwise I don’t know, because I also like your card and it looks like something that would match this marketplace. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you ALdesigns. It was hard rejection. There’s one similar item on GR: HERE :slight_smile:

u know what buddy? once i had the Facebook cover rejected when the flyer had been accepted and apart from the different disposition all was the same , so hard not to believe that there are some big-time inconsistencies indeed. Besides , i have seen a lot of crazy things with models as well, some that other guys had used and that i could not use and even some that i had used and that were accepted and that i was asked to replace because supposedly too sexual (two weeks afterwards, only) as they use to call this when the model was no more than sexy and that some other guys are using way more suggestive or sexual things and that they have no problem to make it …

hi @Arkadio, i pesonally do not really identify what is supposed to be the problem with this one … this is true that this is not the most incredible creative or worked out item that we have ever seen but if they had to reject something like this for this type of reason , then they would have to reject a good deal of items from the corporate category … where people are expected to have something more simple and more importantly professional more than any other thing

hi , if similarity was a big deal, then they should prevent some guys to from copying each other or copying themselves from one item to the other and accept it all … and all authors should have to deal with the same thing too …

That’s exactly my thinking, just didn’t want to bring it up much, since we all know how it goes here. I guess some people think that they will do similar to someone else, they will be accepted, then more people create similar stuff and it becomes some kind of trend :smiley: like duo-tone actions and hdr ones. I’m literally sick seeing another one of these here.
But the card @Arkadio made is great and if other, lower quality projects get accepted, then why reject a good design? Eh, I also can’t get Envato sometimes.

lol if u were the only one not to do … i have just seen a design accepted and i said to myself, that this is incredible that it could have even possibly been accepted , especially considering my its that they had hard rejected not over two weeks ago and that was miles better than the concerned one …

Well :smiley: there’s nothing we can do, just hope for acceptance :smiley:

let’s face it the control that is taking place here should not be called “quality control” … the number of items being rejected is increasing as the number of submissions is increasingly growing either and let’s face it the same old flat and poor things manage to go through, and same goes with a good deal of copied and pasted items that they allow in any case (even if qe have seen them 10000 times), whether a couple of authors copy each other or the author uploads a 99%-copied and pasted item of his former items …

being accepted is very often more about popularity and the traffic that u bring to the website rather than the quality or originality of items , unlike what is initially promoted … unfortunately. BTW , this is how we have ended up with a very highly saturated marketplace in all categories …

as for saying taht there is nothing that we can do, i do not agree , i think that doing our best in all cases is already a huge thing as we are no all allowed to come with flat or poor things and that the great majority of us have to work very hard to bring good things to the table so that we cam get through that “control” which is is generating a lot of discrepancies between all authors unfortunately …

I meant that there’s not much we can do about changing the marketplace if people prefer to copy each other. I also know, that being and selling in a big marketplace is kind of a challange. I’m just so fed up of seeing HDR “Pro” pack with just sharpened images and added color, and double exposure, which I know is popular, but when I see it everywhere I feel like I’m gonna throw up. And even though I made my own HDR pack, I really tried to make it different.
There’s a lot I would change here, but I know that it is also a big responsibility for Envato team to lead a big marketplace, to open new categories and try to keep it as high quality as possible. It’s obvious they will fail sometimes (I do fail all the time at simple tasks, duh).
But I get your point of view and I think you’ve got a lot of right in what you say :slight_smile: