Item Rejected!!!!

My Business Card has been Rejected.

Why ?

Hi Prasad…

May I know little more information about your concern. Where did you submit your business card? and what for is that.

Bhanu Prasad

My Item has rejected second time. I have submited business card in print template on graphic river.
They did not specify any reason.

Hello @Prasad_Sawant

Envato does not accept all designs. In fact, they select very few compared to the total number of submissions they receive.

Here’s why: Items must be high enough quality in order to be accepted. If the reviewers do not feel the item’s design is high quality enough, it will be hard rejected.

Especially in a category such as business cards where there’s so many items, it’s very difficult to get a new item accepted unless it’s very unique and professional. I recall hearing somewhere that this is especially true for the business cards section, where the item must seriously have something special over existing items for sale.

Your item seems very plain to me. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near the level needed to be accepted. I suggest you take some time to browse the business cards section to see what gets accepted. See what kind of design techniques they use, gradients, colors, spacing, fonts, etc. See how many different variations or colors they offer in the same item, too.

Hope that clears it up a bit for you.

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Got it!!
Thank you!!

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