Pod farm 2 vs guitar rig 5


Any one is using Pod farm 2?


I’ve been using (fully or partly) Pod Farm 2 or tones (as Line6 call it) created in GearBox in most of my guitar tracks.


Using Guitar Rig 5


Gear box,Amplitube…


I’m using Pod farm 2 and Gear box. Very convenient … especially earlier, when it was possible instantly over the Internet to download and use the specific effects, such as “like U2 or Coldplay”…


I use amp sims, cab sims and impulses. Best thing!


I’ve been using all the versions of Guitar Rig for many years, but now I prefer Amplitube, warmer sound.



Guitar Rig 5 and my Marshall JCM 800 for the classical stuff :wink:

Keep on rocking and create some great music!


permian said

I’ve been using (fully or partly) Pod Farm 2 or tones (as Line6 call it) created in GearBox in most of my guitar tracks.

How do you make it so that the sound doesnt sound as if it goes through the bucket (muddy). How do i make it sound brighter like guitar rig even though it sounds unnatural like a toy but it doesnt sound so far away like pod does.


I’ve been using Pod Farm 2 and Line 6 PODStudio GX for a half year. But for me, it sounds like a Zoom 505.

In comparison between Guitar Rig, Amplitude, Pod Farm 2, ReValver MK3 and Overload TH2. I choose Guitar Rig.

But I like quality stuff. So I use Ignite Amps and TSE Plugins for amp simulation and I use Mercuriall Cab for for cabsim. This plugins are totally free


By the mud you meant (more likely) midrange at about 1kHz and bass below 300…200Hz. Just cut them out. For more bright sound bust some highs. There’s a parametric EQ in PF/GB, but it’s not that convenient, and, firstly, it’s better to do such things at the mixing stage. Play with the EQ! Make something like that (not exactly that of course):

…and try to move the second horizontal slider back and forth, raise the third vertical slider if you hear a lack of highs… Using just simple EQ you can do a lot with your sound.

If you have no need in “distant” sound, just turn the reverb off and set a mic distance to 0%.

If it’s still of no use, try other amps and cabs, other effects, try different pickups positions… change the strings.
If it’s all useless, throw away this devilish piece of wood you’re calling guitar, for Gods’ sake!