Do you prefer guitar plugins or guitar + amp modeller?

I just wondered which is the most popular nowadays…
and that goes for bass guitar too.

plugin guitar and keyboard or mouse… or
real guitar and modeller… or even real amp?

I don’t mind using sample libraries for bass, but I absolutely hate sample libraries for guitars


Hi. Definitely modeler or real amps :slight_smile:

Vox AC15 + Hagstrom +line6 delay) :slight_smile:

But for corporate music sometimes better to use plugins or library)

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I prefer real bass, electric and acoustic guitars + amp modeler. But that’s ok to use sample libraries if you can make it real. Technology goes forward.

It’s because you are a guitarist!) Do you imagine how many drummers hate drums libraries?)


If you want to create corporate tracks: guitar vst is ok. But if you want distorted sound for rock track it’s better to record live guitar.

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I don’t agree! :slight_smile: I’m a pianist and a bassist and I love sample libraries for those instruments. I know violinists and cellists who love sample libraries for those instruments. Guitar sample libraries are only suitable for an extremely narrow range of parts, and they really stand out as fake when people use them.


I prefer real bass and guitars whenever possible. I use VST amps but i will purchase a hardware modeling unit in the future, i believe they sound more credible…especially for hi-gain.

I remember being impressed with some NI sampled bass guitars by the way.

Perhaps, sampled guitars could do only if you hide them behind a ton of stuff (e.g. you need a big chord together with perc and orchestra in a cinematic trailer)… :slight_smile:

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Yes… I use VST amps. This Positive Grid BIAS!!!

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I have a guitar
but there is no amplifier
Is it possible a good record on the line?
with program preamps ?

DigiTech RP 255

Software… by far!

I mean i love real amps, but how practical are they really when it comes to recording? Mics, pre-amps, etc…
My secret weapon right now is Overloud TH3… love the sound and playability!

Also, with software you can get away with so much more doing post-editing…

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If we’re talking real guitar vs sample libraries: in the sheer majority of cases I’ll take real guitar over sampled guitar any day. However there are some cases where libraries can be more efficient and still sound great. I’m referring to more specific articulations like harmonics and mutes, where playing complex sequences consistently can be difficult to play live (especially for harmonics where you’ve only got a select set of notes available at one time!). Bass sample libraries are usually fine, but you just can’t beat that warm, organic live bass sound that you get from a real recording.

As for mic’ing amps vs amp plugins: I’ve recorded both ways and heard many examples online, and my opinion is that there’s not a lot of difference between them. Some will argue mic’ed amp recordings will always sound better (particularly valve amps), while others argue you can get equally good-sounding software amps with far more flexibility and customisability with regards to shaping sound. There are pros and cons to either approach.

However I think everyone will agree software amps are a far more cost-effective and clutter-free way to create good quality electric guitar tones. There’s also the added bonus of being able to change up the amp sound later on if you decide you need a new sound. Once you record a mic’ed amp, you’ve permanently baked that tone into your recording.


Couldn’t agree more with @AurusAudio
My only input is that I do enjoy using Trilian for bass sounds.

Overloud TH3 sounds impressive…including the hi-gain dist! Cool! :smiley:

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I use Avid’s Eleven Rack for all my guitars ! its pretty amazing !

Hi @mechanism-music

Some vsti are not too badly (it depends on the context) but in fact I think that is going much more fast (and simple) to record reel guitars ! (On the condition of playing guitar, of course).
I plug the guitar directly in my audio card, I open Amplitube (the more versatile amp simulation i’ve known) and let’s go !
For acoustic guitar, there’s no question about it : Reel Folk guitar - AKG microphone - LA audio preamp - audio card !

Have a good day :christmas_tree:

Yep, that’s my favourite plugin too

For amp simulation, I use PositiveGrid Bias, really nice plugin. I use it also for drums, bass and synth.

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