An interesting comparison?

Just throwing this up for fun… I recently got a JCR re-amp box and finally had a chance to play around with it last night.

I took a piece that I’m currently prepping for an AJ release and reamped the main rythm guitars through my fender deluxe reverb ('65 reissue). It was really great to be able to play with my tone/mic position without having to try and play guitar at the same time… I’m not sure that I nailed it this time around but I think with some more experimentation, re-amping might become my go to.

The original guitar work was all done with guitar rig.

I thought some of you might find this interesting. I’ll post the two different versions, but I won’t tell you which is which (for now)…

This isn’t really to say “look how close the re-amp sounds to the amp sim”, or amp-sim vs real amp debate, I think they’re very different sounding, and I’m not sure which one I even like better at this point. I’m curious to hear which one you like better, which one you think is which… that sort of thing.

Also any other critiques are totally welcome!

Dark Indie Rock A

Dark Indie Rock B

haha, I don’t know which one is re-amped, but I have a small preference for the first one, simply because the high frequencies are less present and the overall sound is thicker.
re-amp box is really a nice creative tool, but sounds depends of your microphone choice and position, your pre-amp, your converters quality, etc…

have fun with your new toy! :wink:

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Thanks @SoundCity! Anyone else wanna give a guess?