Which VST guitar effect do you use and/or recommend?

The title says it all.

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Have a nice day! Guitar effects and guitar processing are a matter of taste. ))) I use a real pedal with Boss effects, a microphone and combo amplifiers Marshall and Laney. From VST effects, I use Guitar Rig and Yamaha Guitar Amp Classic. But this is just my opinion. )))

Never heard of that ,can you share a link,i googled but to no avail

By the way i stick with line6 Gear Box

Amplitube IK Multimedia

IMHO, Scuffham S-Gear is heads and tails above the rest at this point. I just started using it a month or so ago and it’s put the fun back in using a guitar sim. Before that I was using Guitar Rig and Amplitube and both were fine as well… but S-Gear is just a different animal!


Hi! Here is the link https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/models/ur824.html

Unfortunately, this product is only used on the Steinberg hardware.

Bias Amp (and Bias FX) sound great. The best tube simulation. But they are not the most stable software. They fix and break something with each release. I’m already tired of that instability.
Guitar Rig 5 is still one of the best (but not the most modern).
Amplitube 4 is great sounding too but eats a lot of CPU.

So, I mostly use Guitar Rig 5.
About 90% of these tracks have it as a guitar vst (and 10% Bias Amp):



What do you think about Scuffham S-Gear? Have you tried it?

Nope, I have not tried that one.

I used Bias Amp, Bias FX and sometime S-gear work well on the situation. If You have enough money, just collect some of them for more convenient. One work well on this track doesn’t mean work well on other tracks.

Tried many, but in my opinion Scuffman S-Gear is the most realistic. Edgy but not harsh (unless you want it) and there’re some beautiful reverbs in it. Highly recommended!

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I’m trying this puppy out at the moment, probably gonna get it, sounds legit :slight_smile: https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/guitar-bass/fuchs-train-amp.html

I own Universal Audio Apollo twin, so I tried all their guitar/bass amps and I don’t really like them. They are all too muddy for me. The only thing that I like about them is that you can record with no latency while playing through guitar amp sim.
But if you tried them and you like the sound - that’s great, get them :slight_smile:
UA has a discount this month for all Unison-enabled plugins :money_mouth_face:

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Yeh man! I land up shelving around 700hz, for me the impulse response on the thing is what does it for me, a lot of body and character :slight_smile: but I am genuinely stuck between choosing that one or the ENGL Savage 120, but they are having a black Friday sale @ the end of November so I’ll probably get it then :smiley: what do you think of the Marshall stuff? that didn’t quite cut it for me :confused:

I tried all UAD guitar amps, and they are all too muddy with too much low end for me…
Guitar amp plugin with no latency was the reason why I bought UA Apollo, but it turned out that I’m using only UAD compressor and EQ plugins and they are really great.
And yeah, I should buy something on that Black Friday sale too :crazy_face:

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Aw yeh, The UAD EQ’s are the ish! BX_V3 :heart: What AMPs do you prefer tho?

I started with Line6 Pod Farm and i didn’t like it so much. But clean tones were good there. I tried Bias Amp and it’s good, but there are too many options, i just can’t stop tweaking it. I prefer ‘less is more’ approach. I’m using Guitar Rig and extremely happy with it. All of my tracks were recorded with GR5.


Bias Amp, Guitar Rig, Amplitube. Each has its pros and cons, so I can’t say which one is better for me.

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Wow, I have Guitar Rig, but I forgot I had it, because my old PC use to konk out when playing into my DAW, but now I got more PC power, I will use it again :smiley: Thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried most of the big name guitar sims, & the 2 standouts for me are S-Gear & Bias FX. S-Gear is more dynamic & “feels” more like a real amp when playing…I use it mostly for clean to mid-gain tones. Bias FX sounds better for heavier/more modern tones, bass, and acoustic sims (with the acoustic expansion pack). Give them a shot!