Which Amp Simulation You Use?

For me it is always Line6 Gear Box (or pod farm-the same thing really). I tried others but somehow Gear Box sounds the closest to real thing (and it’s 10 years old now…)

I prefer Scuffham S-Gear over everything else I’ve tried. Got a very convincing slightly overdriven clean sound and react to my playing almost like an real amp.

I’m really starting to like Overloud TH3.




I only use the line6 stuff (pod2)

Guitar Rig 5 and Positive Grid BIAS over here

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It’s all about Guitar Rig for me. I’ve just ordered some new pickups too so that’s going to help as well.

Guitar Rig. It just works!

Line6 pod hd500 is best for me! Unfortunatelly its hardware :slight_smile:

Axe fx here.

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Give a check to the great FREE plug ins by poulin … (no cab simulation though)

yes, Axe is the best

Used Pod Farm but now i am Amplitube 4 guy

Kuassa “Creme” and “Vermilion” Rack Extensions inside Reason 7 and Guitar Rig 5 in Logic Pro X.

GuitarRig is good, but i also like mercuriall amps
With rosen gigital ir

Guitar rig is what I use for amp sim, but usually I use my Mesa Boogie dual rectifier tube amp, which I prefer live gear for recording guitar, amp sims haven’t quite got there for me. Unless there is something that is amazing which I haven’t stumbled on yet?

Waves GTR!

gtr3 and guitar-rig

I’ve been enjoying Guitar Rig since getting it as part of the latest Kontakt Komplete package.

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Logic Pro X amps and Amplitube