Payout rejected

I know, but today I received a rejection and the balance increased by exactly the amount of the payment, what is happening?

It should payout for your March earnings and you should get an email with mention why rejected (couldn’t process your payment). Also please check your statements page for details.

There are no mail from envato, only this:

maybe it is because of the current sanction on your country.
Please Contact Author Support immediately and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


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Thank you, already wrote to support

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I think if this is due to sanctions, then people would massively discuss this problem, otherwise there is complete silence, except for me :frowning:

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Already discussed here:

I’m use Payoneer ,
last month, the payment was made successfully, despite the sanctions.

In that topics reported Payoneer also affected under sanction. you will get actual help about payout from the envato author support.

Yesterday I received a payment from a client to Payoneer and there were no problems

If the bank is under sanctions, then the Payoneer does not withdraw money, but this is not my case

I have the same money returned

You missed everything, Envato refused to send money to all accounts that have any russian bank linked to Payoneer.

The most interesting thing is that at the moment there is no official explanation from Enwato of what is happening.

Where is that written ?

This official explanation from Envato

“As of 26 March 2022, we will no longer pay out Author, Provider or Contributor earnings to any financial institutions based in the Russian Federation.”

“Envato’s action adds to this, by removing payments after the 26th of March to unsanctioned banks through Payoneer.”

If the bank is under sanctions, then in my experience and I think the Payoneer does not withdraw money. :blush:

Much obliged to you, as of now wrote to help. :blush: