Payout Rejection (PayPal, Serbia), why?!?

Can someone please explain this to me, why is my payout rejected?? I’m not Russian, nor does my bank have anything to do with Russia. I receive payments through PayPal.

Thank you.

I guess it is because your payout, less the author fee, is below $50, which is the minimum threshold.

I’ve been here for years, I know how things work around here. Of course it’s more than $50, you can see in the picture.

Hi @MarkoDuca,

You should receive an email with the mention of rejection reason. Otherwise please contact Envato Author support.


I didn’t receive any email or message, nothing! Can you please tell me exactly who I should complain to? Thank you.

Just open a support ticket and ask them the rejection reason. Also request them to give you guideline how to fix the issue to get regular payout.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you are a newcomer or anything. Just noticed (as you say, from your screenshot) that your net balance is 52, which is extremely close to the minimum threshold. Perhaps with the fees discount, your net earning are below $50, thus, they can’t process the paymnent this month.

Again, just a humble opinion. Don’t want to put in judge your expertise at all.

Hi Marko! I don’t have any information specific to your account - you’ll need to open an Author Support ticket here, and that team can investigate further:

There are many reasons why a payment can fail, but it looks like your payout method and location shouldn’t have any problems. Author Support can look into the details of your account, to find out what’s caused the latest one to fail.

I just did, this is the second month in a row that I have not been paid.