My paypal payment rejected

Hello there,

My earnings in December was rejected because of problems in my Paypal. After fixing the issue, i contacted support notifying them of the situation. They said my payment will be processed in January, even though the balance doesn’t appear in my dashboard. The payment has now been rejected two times at the end of January and February months.

After that, i contacted support twice but they didn’t even reply

I request an envato representative to investigate the situation and resolve :slight_smile:


Minimum Payouts $50 remember.
Get in touch with Envato Author Support Team they would like to assist you with an official answer.




The minimum payout is $50 after tax, excluding any pending refund request.

My advice is to add USD in your balance currencies in PayPal, if the issue is on PayPal side, it may have something to do with currency conversion.


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Yeah, i know. I had received the payment on paypal, and then it was rejected, due to problems on my side. Alright then, i will try support for the 3rd time