Payment was lost (or rejected)

Hello! Please could someone hep to find a payment. Envato withdrew funds to my paypal on Aug 17, 2020. They never came, they are not visible in the history of Paypal operations and now even not visible in Envato account. Where could the funds go? How can I get them?

Did you reached the threshold?

no, that was just 12$, but they send it, but they didnot came to Paypal and now not visible in Envato payments)))

You received that payment a month after (if you reached the threshold). Envato never send less than 50$.

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That is an automatic email. As i said, there are no payments under 50$, the money is sent when you reach that amount.

ok, but how they came to Paypal first and then Paypal rejacted them. And where is 12,22 $ in my Envato account now? Cant see them?))))

@Manriquedelara . Pretty unusual, though. Usually, the default message is " Unfortunately your payout was rejected due to the following reason: Amount is less than $50.00 (required by Payoneer). "
Maybe there is a lower threshold for Paypal? I doubt that. Is anything changed?

With no more info than that i just can say;

  • Check the “payouts” tab to find an explanation.
  • Reached in Sept 2020 the threshold? So the total amount was sent that month.
  • A fail in the automatic email system but the money was sent when reached the threshold.
  • And the last; open a support ticket; Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center