Getting automatic "Your payout was rejected" email

Hello everyone,
I have noticed that for without any reason I am getting the email titles “Your payout was rejected” from Envato Market place for last 4/5 months. I never requested for any withdraw because I know I don’t have sufficient amount yet on my account. But strangely I keep getting this email.

Your payout was rejected

Hi reashedtulon,

Unfortunately your payout was rejected due to the following reason:

Amount is less than $50.00 (required by Payoneer). Your earnings for July 2020 were $$$.

If you have any questions, please contact support.


Envato Market Team

What would be the possible reason and solution of this problem.


If your earning less then $50 then payout will be rejected.
Is your earning more then $50 ?
There is a minimum payout threshold of USD $50 that applies to your earnings, as per the author agreement.

Still any query get in touch with envato author help center they would like to assist you.


You don’t need to request payouts anymore – Envato now forces you to request a payout each month. You will receive an email each month even if you don’t meet the minimum balance, and there’s no option to turn that off AFAIK.

I can see how it might be annoying. Perhaps you can create a rule in your email client to automatically delete emails with that specific subject line?

Thanks for your clarification. Now I got it. But in that case they could use some different title rather than this, because it seems like someone is trying to sneak into my account and it raises the concern of suspicion.

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Thanks for your comment. I got it now. :slight_smile: