Payment for this month rejected



My payment for this month got rejected today as one of the item’s sales got Sale Reversal.

How i can get the payment this month? I need so.
Thank you.


If, for whatever reason, you don’t meet the withdrawal threshold… then you won’t get paid this month. I’m assuming the reversal took your balance from over the threshold to under the threshold… as getting a reversal alone, has no effect on your ability to withdraw.


More then 200US dollers have and payment method is paypal.

I can see 50US $ is minimum thereshold for payment but i have more than that. Is this a cause of account problem?


Only support can advise on this:


What Bailey said, but out of interest… what specifically did this notification say about your payment getting rejected? Was it:

"Unfortunately your payout was rejected because of the following reason:

You’ve had a sale reversal"


Unfortunately i didnt got any mail regarding to payment rejection.


The worst support i ever experienced in my life.


So if you didn’t get an email… then how do you know your payment was rejected due to having a sales reversal? As for the worst support you’ve ever experienced in your life… why, what did the support team say? Or have they not responded to your support request yet?


This is the last mail i have got from Envato. And after that i didnt receive any mail from Envato officials.

This is the screenshot of my account’s statement where you can see payment rejection.

I was send mail to envato support team but till now i havent got any response from them.

This makes me being on anxiety.


Yeah you need to get in touch with support to find out why it happened. They won’t email you without you having contacted them first.