(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

its saturday.

2 days ago they said Wirecard case won’t affect your money. A few hours ago they said everything is frozen until further notice. I will admire people if they will keep transferring money to Payoneer now

All started on the 20th of June, 7 days ago. People started reporting blocked funds on Thursday, right after stock collapse. They did have time.

Yeah, but now the problem is how should I go about accessing my money for daily use without huge fees of transferring to my bank :smiley: Same big fees or unfavorable exchange rates get applied with Paypal too, once they try to automatically exchange USD to EU, when I want to pay for groceries in my country where the currency is EU.

Previously transferring money from Payoneers card to Revolut card with 0 fees and a real exchange rate was amazing, but seems like this won’t be an option until Payoneer issues new cards :grimacing:

Add only the funds in your card are frozen. 10k is the cards limit, so if you had below 10k in the account all your money is frozen. But if you had more then everything above 10k is in Payoneer “account” and you can withdraw this money to your local bank. (I just did this)

Unfortunately i don’t have 10k+ in my account. So it seems that my balance is frozen until further notice.

By the way i am not advocating anyone or anything. I’m just saying what i’ve been told. We’ll see what happens this week. I’ll have a payment this week, if this statement is true i will be able to withdraw the money to my local bank account.

I’m just trying to stay positive. Cause I want to make music today and negative thinking doesn’t help me at all.

I was lucky enough to withdraw major part of money from Payoneer a few days ago and I wasn’t aware of what’s happening. If I would have received at least some message from anyone, I would have withdrawn everything and thrown out Payoneer card as now it’s just a useless piece of plastic. It’s not the first time Payoneer goes through this and history proves that nobody received anything from Payoneer when this happened. It’s hard to stay positive.

But anyway, good luck buddy, create something awesome despite the situation :wink:

Thanks. I’ll try to :slight_smile:
Anyways this is not the end of the world. I’m sure there will be a solution soon.

Payoneer will resolve this. Otherwise they are risking of being rejected by millions of people worldwide. If payoneer doesnt resolve this they will be gone. So I am sure they will resolve this issue. I think they are doing what they can now to save their business.

Payoneer is now being watched carefully and any mistake could go in shockwaves of negative news about payoneer services, by all of us.
So I am pretty calm.

Yup transfer to bank is crappy and costs… but we can use it for few months as this card issue is getting resolved.


Yes, that’s what i am expecting as well. Payoneer, can’t risk its reputation otherwise will go bankrupt in no time.


Exactly. So chill


Tell me, can I disable payoneer on envato? Will balance remain on envato or elements?

It’s not the first time https://community.payoneer.com/en/discussion/comment/182601/#Comment_182601

I just googled it as mentioned in this forum entry but couldn’t find a solid source/news about payoneer users lost their money due to first choice issue.

And in the forum noone except this user has mentioned something similar.

Is there a reliable news source about this issue?

The company’s large user base is both a positive and a negative factor in this situation. They can’t risk their reputation yes but they also may not be able to fulfill all the user funding necessities. The easy route for them is blaming wirecard and moving on.

Do you think it will be an easy route? In this situation most of the users will leave the company and search for alternative solutions. And this will lead to the end of payoneer. That’s my opinion of course.

as I know, instead payoneer you can choose paypall or swift, but can not hold payout. In this situation hold option could be save, at least for a month to see situation progress, but don’t know could envato do it now?


There’s great dependence on Payoneer, I’d imagine they might suffer a temporary loss of customers. But as time goes they’ll recover.
There are two things to learn from this experience;

  1. Realizing the lack of warnings given by Payoneer in the past 10 days and factoring this in the future.
  1. having more payment options from the marketplace is essential (even when we had Skrill it wasn’t enough. I was mainly dependent on Skrill and got forced out by the marketplace during a massive Payoneer affiliation campaign. regardless of my endless protests, Skrill was ditched and users got displaced to Payoneer and Paypal). Now we’ve got all our eggs in the same basket. Almost.

For now i don’t want my envato money to go anywhere, i prefer to keep them on the marketplace and elements balance.
Paypal is not an option for me


But is it possible to keep money on Envato balance ?